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Talking Heads is an exempt Micro Enterprise (EME Level 4) and is in possession of a certified Accountant Letter and Affidavit to this effect.

Talking Heads Advertising has nevertheless, since January 2001, endeavoured to be pro-active in the arena of empowerment by utilising a BBBEE Level 2 (51 Black Owned) Service Provider to collaborate with us on all our print projects.

Employment Equity / Skills Transfer

Just after our conception, Talking Heads Advertising approached the Pretoria Technicon Graphic Design Department in order to identify a previously disadvantaged student for the purpose of an internship with the agency.

Fanni Moseamo was interviewed and subsequently selected, starting his internship in April 2001.

He spent all his 2001 vacations with Talking Heads Advertising, benefiting from ongoing training, development and remuneration. Fannie joined us in January 2002 as a Junior Graphic Designer, and was with us until June 2006.

Since April 2012 we have identified and are currently mentoring a micro business owner in the fieled of communication, see below for details.

Affirmative Procurement

Our biggest supplier, Seriti Printing is a level 2 BEE Contributor. 75% of our total monthly supplier spend goes to Seriti Printing.

Social Responsibility/Skills transfer

In September 2003 we were approached by Moses Dikgoatlhe, the owner of MPD Marketing, for assistance with his business ventures. We assisted this entrepreneur with the conceptualisation and design of numerous pamphlets, logos etc. The end result has been that MPD Marketing managed to secure an Agency as reseller of tickets for Autopax, a subsidiary of Transnet. We are continuing with the assistance to MPD Marketing in the visual communication arena, at no charge whatsoever. The client visited on a regular basis for assistance with the writing of proposals and the design of material etc, at no cost to client.

In early 2012 we were approached by Archibold Mogale to assist with his business that supplied corporate clothing. The business had died and he was deregistered by CIPRO and was unable to get a tax clearance certificate for SARS. He initially only requested guidance but we decided to utilise our resources and get his business up and running. His business is now active with logo’s, business cards, email addresses, a profile, internet access and a laptop. I have also just assisted him in registering as a supplier with 5 Government departments and he gets 2 hours training once a week by me on both business and industry related skills. It is not easy for entrepreneurs to get their business going with all the red tape and costs involved in SA, however, he is now completely empowered and very excited about his future. His name is Archi Mogale, his business is Back 2 Back Communications (B2B).