I started working with Talking Heads Advertising last year when I started my own company. Branding for us was of course a big deal and we needed a supplier that could deliver. We wanted to work with a company that would help us best reflect who we are and what we stand for.  After much searching, a friend of mine referred us to Talking Heads Advertising and this was the best referral ever. Not only did Talking Heads Advertising help us with our excellent branding, but did this at the shortest time possible.  We enjoyed their understanding and patience with us throughout our engagement with them. Due to their level of professionalism, we have always gone back to them for our other work and even referred other people as well. I would recommend this company any time as their service and level of professionalism leaves a mark that makes it easy for people to testify about their work.

Thembela Njenga
Director of WomaNiko
Email: thembela.njenga@gmail.com