My first encounter with Talking Heads was in 2002, when Telkom, a telecommunication company I was working for at the time, was preparing for the IPO (Initial Public Offering) – to be listed on the Johannesburg and New York Stock exchanges.
Talking Heads was new in the industry at the time, and landed a big branding contract with Telkom to create awareness about the IPO. As part of the internal communication team, mainly responsible for the management of corporate communication channels, this meant that Talking Heads were to become my main stakeholder to help drive home the critical IPO messages through branding. 
Everything had to happen, and happen with speed and accuracy. There was no room for mistakes or delays, and we pinned our hopes on Talking Heads. 
A huge project, a new supplier with no track record, one could not help but shudder to think what the implications would be should the new supplier disappoint. My fears were more than unfounded. 
Talking Heads pulled out all stops in every project they were involved in. They delivered on every promise they made. When I left Telkom, I always wished to work with an agency of Talking Heads’ calibre wherever I’d found myself. Fortunately, I have recently re-united with Talking Heads, and have already worked on three projects, including the production of the 2011/2012 Annual Report. Their enthusiasm, creativity, flexibility, excellence and commitment have all been taken to the next level.

I found Talking Heads to be epitomizing an outstanding branding finesse. The agency personnel is not only knowledgeable, but take interest in what it does and puts premium on customer service. 
If you want it done perfectly and on time, look no further than Talking Heads Advertising. They will help you raise the profile of your company.

Thembinkosi Gamlashe
International Trade Administration Commission of SA
012 394 3728
082 040 4446.